50’s Up Standing Look ( Hair & MakeUp )

HI, 12fashion

In fashion lifestyle , everything will not always be the same . i wanted to look back at the old fashion lifestyle and see the greatest work in fashion in the 50’s and today we will get more in hair and makeup since that was the most well known thing in woman back in the day .


If  you was born in the 50’s , 60’s , 70’s , 80’s and 90’s . You know that hair was the top thing that many woman liked there was many hair look and till  today some people rock 50’s hair style , because the 50’s hair is not that a big deal you can wear it any time and any where and i  till love the 50’s life style it’s all about the hair and makeup


Now moving to makeup the secret of  the 50’s makeup was winged eyeliner and a Bold red lip , it was the top amazing makeup tip of the 50’s they loved the red lip and winged liner and their makeup was not too much like now, eye shadow was not really the thing that woman went with, highlights and contours was also the other thing that woman liked but not sure if they was wearing it every day like now , because the 50’s look was always simple  and it  was all about showing your real beauty . and we can forget about the eyebrow , the 50’s eyebrow was always small , sometime it’s even hard to tell but the beauty of makeup back in the day was simple easy and really all about real beauty

LET’S look back that the amazing act of makeup and hair of the 50’s and look now and let me if you loved the 50’s or now .

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