Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe




Fitness is one of the hardest thing that every people deal with , it is a very hard work to stay in shape . so what batter way to start by drinking healthy , there is a healthy smoothie and a unhealthy smoothie , drinking healthy helps your body so much and drinking healthy was one of the hardest thing that i also deal with all the time , because i love juice , it has that  sweet testy that i love and  i can not stop drinking juices , i always ask myself how can i make my juice sweet without adding sugar in my juices , so i went for a reseach and i came around this picture on facebook and i thought to my self i have to try it and it was so good , the sugar was not that sweet but no sugar added and it is healthy , to me that is a+ for me , so here is the recipe on this smoothie hope you like and give me a feedback .


3 Apple

2 Frozen Banana

And A Kale you can put as much as you want but it is up to you

it is kind of cold for fall from the Frozen Banana but i really don’t think that is a big problem and remeber it’s a smoothie . Smoothie needs ice to turn into a smoothie .



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