Turn Into Leggings For Fall ( ASOS)

Hi, 12fashion

Time to get into the spirit of fall and what better way to do it by shopping for fall ,  You can never have enough of leggings , because there are really fun to where , it also takes place as jeans but for now i feel like jeans are old school , they don’t really get to be whore  that much. everyone seems to like leggings more then jeans . But i don’t think that is a bad idea because i love leggings too OH!

I Also found this online shopping store , it is called Asos , i don’t know if there have outside store , and i also don’t know if they are new but i really think that this store can be my next online fave store ( just say ) but there do have alot of cute , fun , colorful outfit so i thought it will be a good idea to pick some of their leggings to show you guys , this will be  also like a review of  their leggings and if you want to see a full review of their store let me know . but let us get into it

i will be showing you the leggings and the price too

image2xl  image3xl   image4xl (1)

ASOS Leggings in Gingham Check Print     Kill Star Leggings With Cat Print              ASOS Halloween Leggings in Ghost Print

£18.00                                                                        £29.99                                                               £18.00
NOW £7.00
I have many of my fave legging but this are just 3 of them , but all you have to do is click the name and it will take you to the leggings that i picked or  there will be a link at the end  .
I really recommend this leggings and over all their store too, and many of it are also cheap and that is a+ for me because of back to school it will really help teenage a lot . thank you hope you like it and if it help you share and like
LINK TO THE STORE http://www.asos.com
MAIL makutabala@gmail.com

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