Top Best Maybelline Mascara

Hi, 12fashion

I am so happy to be back and today blog will be about maybeline mascara .Maybeline is one of my  favorite makeup brand ever , they have the best makeup ever and they go hand to hand with drugstore makeups too , which is really helpful for teenage . But today  we are going to talk about mascara . Mascara is also one of my favorite part of makeup because it just opens your eye so much, so i think a better idea is to give my own idea of what i think about maybellines mascaras . let us get into it .

images (87)


Wish i had my own hd camera to take the picture but anyways



Maybelline false lash..

This mascara has 2 side , one for the big and one for the small , this mascara is nice because the small one help you get really into the bottom lashes and i think that it’s the one problem that i always deal with , and i think this mascara was the best thing that was ever made for maybelline ,but i don’t really see what the top does , but let me know i feel like the bottom does very good job


images (85)


Maybelline great lash

The name of this mascara says it all . It makes your lashes so long and i think this brush was made prefect because. it is also helpful because you can take it very well under your lower lashes and it have no much to say but it is the best mascara ever for the top and bottom at the same time


download (54)

Maybeline the rocket

Maybeline the rocket mascara ( CAN) go hand and hand with the other , but i think the rocket has a more bigger brush that really help to makes your lashes so big and it works well with the top lashes , the bottom don’t do much because i feel like the brush is too big for the bottom part so it makes a mess under your eye .






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