Fall Bag For Forever21 Look Book

HI, 12fashion

It have been a very long time since i post a blog , there was a alot of problem and i also run short of ideas so i really did not know what to do but i am back , with a fun new idea . Fall bag for forever21 , i choose forever21 because it is  well known and also a very cheap but cute and fun , i made a back to school outfit for forever21 so check it out but for now we will get into the fall fashion look book

In fall people like to stick with dark colors , which is not a bad idea i even talk about  it in one of my blog but sticking with dark color can also be help and not the part of being helping is because it give you a pop of color but the part of not , is because it will get messy and that is not fun at all , here are some bright fun but still perfect for fall time bag.

55878191-01 55879077-04  55879110-02

00083333-0100137531-01 all this bag was not really taking well but if you go to forever21 you will find the best side of the picture


Zippered Crossbody Bag


Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody


Faux Leather Studded-Handle Satchel


Quilted Faux Leather Backpack


Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody


lot of the bags i choose is under 30 dollers , and there are many cute bags but this was just my top 5 fave bags i like .  give me some idea of what you will want to see next and like , forever21 link http://www.forever21.com

MAIL: makutabala@gmail.com




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