What Is In Your MakeUp


It have been a long time since i did not post a blog, but here i am back and with a fun idea . today’s blog will be about what is in your makeup . it is a problem that ever girl deal with , there is many thing that belong to your bag that  should or should not be in your makeup bag so let us go into it and learn more about it. so let us start the reseach images (74)

The litter makeup you have the more space you have in your bag you need to get all of your makeup that you don’t need out of that bag , take the makeup that you are wearing on that day

What you will need in your bag is  …….





But you need some skincare right!! . But don’t go too crazy on skin care, you will need ?

:CHAPSTICK ( Which is a good thing for your lip )

:CLEARCLEAN OILSHEETS (it is have good for your skin when you are wearing makeup )download (45)


I feel like that is the only thing you need let me know what u think

but here is my thing that i can have in my makeup bag



like for more tip

MAIL: makutabala@gmail.com



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