Accessuries LookBook

HI, 12fashion

My New idea i wanted to start on my blog page is the new (lookbook), it will be my new series that i will be doing every Wednesday  . I am so happy that i am start this series on my blog. so i am sure you all know what lookbook . lot of people do this online so today my first lookbook is going to be about accessuries ( hope i spell that the right way)but anyways i wanted to talk accessuries because i feel like fall winter time we don’t really get that so much time to put on a fun colorful dress so why not glam our dress by adding some accessuries .

so i went to forever21 and look some thing and i think i fell in love with forever12 accessuries


Rhinestone Bow Bracelet


Classic Wrap Around Watch


Woven Midi Ring Set


Those are my top fave accessuries but there more


let move to topshop

for topshop accessuries


Triple Flower NecklaceTriple Spike Bead Flower CollarTriple Shard Drop Earrings


How to style some of it

1383398893024 .facebook_1222152246

This is just some of my lookbook for now but there will be more ,

I just need more support . thank u






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