All Black For Fall


HI ,12fashion

Since fall is ready here or not yet . I wanted to give more idea as i promise in my past blog so we are go to learn about  All BLACK FOR FALL . Now I know what you are thinking all black for fall is not a great idea but let me tell you why. summer was the time that we all had fun with color but now it is fall . Fall is all about having fun with dark color yes you can also pull pretty color here and there but it is all about dark color. why? for me when it’s come to fall i like to hide my colorful  and while dress because cute dress can turn into a dirty dress in fall because there is rain , water ,water with med on road car pest by living you with dirty water on your cute and pretty outfit . so as you can see there is a lots of up and down thing that happen in fall time .

Styling outfit for fall can be fun to here is some outfit .images (46)perfect for fall


this one is more summer but still fallimages (48)don’t really think the while shose will be okay but love

you can still add ear and neack to many everything glam images (47)  oh yes you can

this is if you want to go out with friends, is dress but perfect for fallimages (50)love it

so  as you can see it is not that hard to style dark outfit it’s fun, cute, but pretty that the same time

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